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David writes...

Hey Greg,
I bought Bad Guys #1 today. Great story. And the artwork was far batter the I thought it would be. The black and white thing really worried me, but after the first page or two I hardly noticed. Seriously, if anyone reading this is holding off on buying the book for that reason trust me and give it a chance. Just one question, though. Robyn allludes to destroying Matrix and she disables him pretty efficiently. Is Matrix really that vunerable, or are we to infer that Robyn knows someone who has even better weaponry then Xanatos and Fox? If it's the latter, I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. Great fight scene between she and Dingo in Australia, by the way.

Thanks for giving us all a chance to finally see these stories,


Greg responds...

You're welcome. Matrix isn't invulnerable, which doesn't mean he's easy pickings, either.

Response recorded on December 04, 2007