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Sebastian writes...

Hi Greg,

After 6 months of lurking here in the comment room I thought I would put in my two cents about the comics. This is my first comic, so the one criticism I have might simply be something I need to get used to when changing from TV to comic book form.

You have mentioned that you would roughly compare three comics to one episode, but I still thought that the story of an individual issue felt ever so slightly rushed. There didn't seem to be any small stories that finished after an issue, everything was left to be finished by the end of the arc. Reading all three issues together works perfectly though. I wasn't sure if this should bother me, but I didn't feel that at all in Bad Guys #1 so I thought I would bring it up.

Though I prefer the Gargoyles story better than the Redemption squad, I think this was my favorite comic so far. The conversation was great, art beautiful, and story intriguing. But the best part for me was that story of recruiting Dingo felt complete by the end, though he obviously still unhappy about his forced employment.

It felt somewhat like the episode "A Long Way Till Morning," in that there were two stories to tell in one time slot, but they fit together very well. I hope to see that continue with Bad Guys, and maybe even Gargoyles.

My favorite episodes always seemed to include flashbacks, and the next Gargoyles story arc seems like it could have one - I'm very excited.

Thank you so much for Gargoyles. It was great as a child, and it still great now.

Greg responds...

Thanks. Comic books as a medium, offers way more flexibility in terms of flashbacks, so I'm planning to make use of that.

Response recorded on December 12, 2007