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Krissy writes...


I've written you in the past, but it's been years, and you definitely wouldn't remember me. Hi! I grew up. :)

I just need to say (again) THANK YOU for Gargoyles. That show sometimes feels like it was my first love... only it didn't end in fire and brimstone. I've been enjoying the comic, which revived my interest (although 'Bad Guys' hasn't arrived in my mailbox yet)... and then a friend of mine asked me about my DVDs, and we sat down and watched all of 'Awakening.' I converted someone! Yay! We'll be working our way through the series.

Which is why I'm writing. I know you hate this question, but hopefully this is slightly different.

The DVD. You know which one I'm talking about.

Who can I write to say that Season 2 Volume 2 needs to come out RIGHT NOW? I don't plan on flooding them with letters or postcards and being annoying. I know it's not your decision, so I kinda would like to contact the people that ARE responsible for making that decision. Give them a polite kick in the head, basically?

Some of my favorite episodes are in the chunk that hasn't been released yet. (Future Tense, for one - yes, I'm a Brooklyn/Demona shipper at heart and I'll admit that freely.) I have them on tape, but I'm a bit scared of watching them because I'm afraid I'll break them. (I've done it before.)

Anyway, thank you. For the show, for the comic, and for not letting it die. Although you don't know me (and I don't really know you!), I love you. :)

(Cleveland, OH)

Greg responds...

Krissy, you can try writing Buena Vista Home Entertainment. I don't think it's wise of me to give you the name of my contact, as I don't want him feeling targeted, harrassed and annoyed. (Not that you'd do that, but this is a public forum.) But if you write to that division about Gargoyles, I'm sure the correspondence will get to him.

Response recorded on December 21, 2007