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Todd Jensen writes...

Just bought and read Gargoyles #7 today. I'm especially delighted with it.

I had suspected for a while that this issue would involve the Stone of Destiny (the hints in the descriptions of #7 - #9 fitted that, as did the timing), and so was not surprised. I enjoyed Shari's account of the Stone's past history to Thailog, all the way up to its arrival in Ireland. Some of it (such as Jacob using it as a pillow in Bethel) was familiar to me; some of it was new. (I'd heard of Gathelus and Scota before, but only a little; I certainly want to find out more about them, such as whether they really were associated with an origin-myth concerning Portugal's name.) I liked the touch of Shari telling Thailog part of the story as he's carrying her about - a dark counterpart of Goliath carrying Elisa about, perhaps?

The team-up between Coldsteel and the new Coyote didn't entirely surprise me either (I remember you'd hinted at that in your Masterplan document), but I liked seeing its beginning. And I thought it very appropriate that Xanatos would incorporate the Coyote Diamond from "Her Brother's Keeper" into his latest Coyote.

So Macbeth was involved in the 1950 theft of the Stone of Destiny? Another amusing touch.

And now it seems that Maggie's pregnant. I also like the notion of Dr. Sato now becoming better acquainted with the Mutates as well as the gargoyles.

When you gave Macbeth a home at Berkeley Square, did you have the stories about the nasty hauntings at No. 50 there in mind?

I hope you don't mind this, but I spotted a couple of errors (or possible errors) on the fourth page, when Macbeth's explaining to the gargoyles about the Stone of Destiny. The flashback to his coronation shows it taking place in the open air, but it was in indoors in "City of Stone Part Three". And Macbeth claims that the Stone is being returned to Scotland after eight hundred years - it should be seven hundred, since Edward I took it in 1296.

I liked the jet lag scene for Lexington and Hudson. (At least Goliath, Angela, and Bronx didn't seem to suffer from that on the Avalon World Tour. Did Avalon's magic compensate?)

A lovely scene between Goliath and Elisa as well. I particularly liked the allusions to their break-up conversation in #3.

And a great cliff-hanger ending with King Arthur and the London gargoyles suddenly appearing. Apparently they don't all look like lions, unicorns, and griffons after all. I look forward to learning about these two new members - and also more about Lexington's "I'll call you Amp" line. (To anyone who's read about the series' comedy development, it's a wonderful in-joke.)

Looking forward to #8.

Greg responds...

The main influences for Berkeley Square are two-fold:

1. My parents have a dear friend who lives there.

2. The song: "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" which I've been listening to a lot for some reason.

But, yes, I was aware.

As for the errors...

The coronation ALWAYS should have been on Moot Hill, i.e. outdoors. We messed that up in the show. (Or maybe for show, Mac did the coronation twice.) In any case, we sought to correct the error here in the comic.

But yes, it should have been seven hundred years. I don't know HOW THE HECK I made that mistake. Drives me nuts, unless... perhaps Mac is intentionally exaggerating for effect! Yeah, that's the ticket!! ;)

Avalon's magic does compensate for jet-lag.

Response recorded on January 03, 2008