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Matt writes...

Okay, question about "The Rock", this may be hard to follow so first I'll write this out:

November 2nd.
5:14pm EST - Goliath agrees to send the Trio and Angela with Macbeth.
5:15pm EST - Brooklyn, Broadway and Angela decide to remain in Manhattan. Goliath sends Hudson to lead the expedition.
5:18pm EST - Owen, spying on Macbeth and the gargoyles, informs Xanatos who instructs Owen not to interfere.

Alright, my question is at 5:18 when Owen is on the phone with Xanatos he says, "Yes, Macbeth, Hudson, Broadway, Angela and Lexington... Shall I attempt to stop them?" Why would Owen be including Broadway and Angela if it had already been decided they were not going to go. He knows Brooklyn opted not to go, but Broadway and Angela backed out seconds later, how did he miss that? Did he miss that part when he was dialing up Xanatos or is this an error or is something else going on here?

Greg responds...

Owen is literally speaking IN BETWEEN the moment when Goliath allowed Brooklyn to opt out, but before Broadway spoke up. The "5:15" scene takes longer than three minutes to be completed. So it overlaps with the "5:18" scene. It made sense when I wrote it. I think I timed the dialogue and pauses roughly with the sweep second hand of the clock on my desk chair. But it ain't perfect.

Response recorded on January 03, 2008