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Benji writes...

Hi Greg, what's up? I can tell you're getting sick and everyone asking and begging for the rest of Gargoyles on dvd. And it had nothing to do with you don't care, I know you did, it's just that you've made it clear why they aren't coming out several times, and we keep asking,lol so I understand it can get a little annoying. So don't worry I'm not going to beg for the rest of Season 2 or ask when it's coming out. I was curious about something else though concerning the episodes. I was wondering if you thought Disney might be willing to let iTunes sell the entire series? Like all 3 Season's of it? iTunes has gotten more popular with selling tv shows, and it seems like that wouldn't be as expensive to do as making dvds, because it's really just a file. I don't know how all that works though. But I would really like to hear your thoughts about it.

Again I'm not trying to be annoying, I know you have a ton of fans constantly bugging you about Season 2 Volume 2. But I do miss the show, and since the rest of the dvds probably aren't coming out, or at least not anytime soon, iTunes would be the next best thing. I'd totally buy all 3 Season's of it!! I really miss the show. I haven't watched it in a long time. Especially the episodes that aren't on dvd, because where I live the show only comes on at like 3:30 in the morning. Anyway thanks for your time Greg!!

Greg responds...

It's not a bad idea, but the POINT I'm constantly trying to make is that I have no more insight into Disney's mindset than you guys do. I can keep you updated, but I have no idea whether or not they'd be interested in an iTunes set-up. Personally, I'd way prefer a DVD release.

Response recorded on January 15, 2008