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Meg writes...

I got the trade on Sunday, and I have to say, on the whole I really liked it. The size threw me at first, but I've come to the conclusion that it's a lot more portable than a full-sized trade would be. I also like that, in addition to minor printing errors being corrected, the colors were lightened in #2; Terrell's colors were stronger than what showed when #2 was printed, so it's nice to see the coloring job that was intended. Wendy Pini's intro was great, of course, and the new artwork was also nice, although a tad too zoomed-in. I liked that every issue was preceded by its cover; it's a pet peeve when TPBs don't include all the covers, or include them in a gallery at the end. It's fun to see a compilation of all the different artists/art teams collected like this; very different styles, though all strong (and it's awesome to see Hedgecock's continuous improvement). To everyone involved, keep up the good work! :)

Greg responds...

Thanks! We do our best!

Response recorded on February 06, 2008