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Lumpmoose writes...

Hey, I just saw the first 2 episodes of Spectacular Spider-Man and I thought they were fantastic. I found them very engaging, so the writing-on-multiple-levels thing is working great. I caught three Gargoyles references: Hudson at the beginning, Broadway crumbling in the middle, and the policewoman that had Elisa's hair and skin color. Did I miss any? ;)

I have only one technical question. Victor Cook said at the Comic-Con panel that the series was being produced in high definition. I was watching my local affiliate of CW in HD, but the show was in 4:3 pan and scan. All the publicity screenshots before the premiere were released in 16:9 widescreen, including one in an HD resolution: http://marvel.toonzone.net/specspidey/media/gallery/04.jpg

So it seems the HD content is there, but someone just didn't put in the right tapes, or something. Spidey was born to be in widescreen, HD, digital sound, etc. Is that something you can fix?

Thanks! Love the show so far!

Greg responds...

I'm really not sure what's going on. We were trying to figure out what the CW is doing with it last night, and we think they're broadcasting it both ways... on CW and CWHD. But I don't really know for sure. I do know we're making it in HD, but making sure that all key images are in the normal TV cutoff. At the mix, we listen to the sound first in 5.1. Then we listen to it again on normal stereo speakers, to make sure it works for both.

Response recorded on March 11, 2008