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Rachel N. writes...

Hi Greg!
I got the Clan-Building Vol 1 TPB, and I think it's really great! I especially loved the Introduction by Wendy Pini. This past summer I attended the 20th Anniversary fan convention for the Beauty and the Beast TV series (1987-1990) where I got to meet Wendy Pini in person (she was a special guest at the Con). She's terrific, and I like the fact that being both a BatB fan and Gargoyles fan, she wrote the intro to this Gargoyles TPB.
My question is: Did you contact Wendy and ask her to contribute, or was she the one who contacted you to say she'd like to contribute an intro to the TPB?

Greg responds...

I asked her, and she very graciously agreed to do it.

Actually, any thoughts from anyone on who might be a good choice to write an intro to Volume Two?

Response recorded on March 11, 2008