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KingCobra_582 writes...


Weeks of waiting, and it's finally here. Video-taped "The Spectacular Spider-man" this morning on Kids WB! (the only reason I would ever watch that channel) and thought I'd leave my two cents.

It has a lot of nice touches to it. Loved the brief, but still informative info on the characters. Peter's infamous spider-bite, etc. I figured the entire first episode would've been devoted to it, instead of a little scene. Nice to be proven wrong, for once.

Of course, I loved the little nods to 'Gargoyles'.

Recognized Robert Englund right off (having been watching Fred Kruger movies since I was 7 or 8, not to mention his other horror films over the years, how could I not?) and thought he was just spot-on as Vulture. Vulture is now on my growing list of favorite Spider-man characters, thanks to Robert's performance and your writing. I don't know much about the character in the comics, but in the series, I think you did Vulture justice. Hope I get to see him again!

Electro. Another great villain, and another character that I could get used to. Gotta feel sorry for the guy, thrown into a situation that he didn't ask for nor could do anything about. I am curious, though. Why, when Dr. Connors said he needed more time for a cure, did Electro rage "I don't have time!"? Was he dying? Did he have something that's now impossible to do? Or was he just being impatient? Curious...

Captivating show, Greg. Definitely can't wait for next week's episode.

Never used to be a Spiderman fan, but then the movies came out, which (Not as much on part 3, though I still liked it) made me like it a little. Now we have this show, and now I just want to start reading the comics. I think I'm on the path to full fledged-spidey geek.

Thanks for that. :)

Greg responds...

Re: Electro. "Impatient" doesn't quite cover it.

Response recorded on March 11, 2008