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Todd Jensen writes...

I saw the first two episodes of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" this morning, and enjoyed them. I immediately spotted a few of the elements that people have commented on here before me: the stone gargoyles in the first episode (knowing that you'd written that one, I wasn't at all surprised that they showed up), Keith David being cast as the mysterious boss determined to get rid of Spider-Man, and the way that Electro's accident evoked "Metamorphosis".

I'm looking forward to seeing the others - and I'm pleased that it's easy to follow for someone who (like me) has only a general familiarity with Spider-Man (though I got a few of the allusions, such as to Uncle Ben's death and the significance of lizards in Dr. Connors' lab). Congratulations.

Greg responds...

Thanks. We're having fun. We're exhausted, but we're having fun.

Response recorded on March 13, 2008