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chuck logan writes...

Saw the new Spider-Man series and I have some quick questions:
1. Why does Doc conners have a robot arm?
If he has a perfectly fuctioning macanical arm, that may work better then a real one, why is he in such a hurry to grow a new arm? With this macanical arm (unlike in the comics) his life and ability to function is not hindered like it would be without it. The machanical arm deflates his motivation and the urgency to experiment on himself. I understand his wanting a flesh and bone arm but with a wife and child and a perfecly good maybe better robo arm his motives come across purely selfish and even more unnessisary.

2. Why do all the characters have eyes like the children in those old marionette/claymation christmas specials? This is especilly distrubing on Peter Parker.
3. Why introduse eddie brock so eairly in the series and not marry jane? Both these characters came much later in spider-man's life.
Mary Jane The Amazing Spider-Man #42 November 1966 (full apperence) \
Eddie Brock Web of Spider-Man #18 (Sept. 1986 Venom)

4. There are a couple other things that bug me, those are the big ones. Aginst my better judgment I actully like the new look of Vulture and Electro. My only problem with Electro is he is basicly a mutent. I would like it better if he uesed the suite to as a means of power not a way of containing it. This way he can lead an outwordly norm life and look like any rondom guy on the street until it is time to strike. At the end of the episode electro shattered his helmet. I hope he dosen't get another one he lookes cooler without it.

The animation on Spider-man during the action sequeces is great.
Thank You, Thank, You Thank You for giving Peter Parker/Spider-Man web shooters.
Is it true Kingpin will not appear in this show?

Greg responds...

1. It's not a robot arm, it's a somewhat advanced prosthetic arm. It doesn't function as well as a real arm, and he has no sensation in it. You'll notice he doesn't even use it to shake Peter's hand. If you think it's the same thing as having a real arm... well, you're just wrong. (Sorry.)

2. We like the art style. I'm not going to apologize for something that I VERY MUCH LIKE. Doesn't mean you have to like it, of course. To each his or her own.

3. I know exactly when each character was introduced, but I'm trying to find core truths, core dynamics for ALL the characters we're introducing. There is a method to my madness, but you may need to have a little patience.

4. Electro isn't a mutant by any comic book definition of the term that I know. I guess he's a mutate of sorts. But basically he got his powers in an accident, which is always how he got his powers in the comic.

5. As for Kingpin, at the moment we do not have permission to use the character, which I think is a damn shame. But I have hopes that'll change someday.

Response recorded on March 13, 2008