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Algernon writes...

My Thoughts on The Spectacular Spider-Man

Wow, I am truly gobsmacked by these first two episodes. I'm particularly impressed by how many figures of Spidey-lore you have managed to squeeze in here. From big names like Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy to the insanely obscure ones like Sally Avril and Stan Carter. Most comic-based shows don't intro this many familiar faces in a whole season, this show does it in the pilot. Pretty much every single character with a speaking role is lifted directly from the comic page. But on to the episodes themselves...

Survival of The Fittest

A whole lot going on in this ep, Vulture's vendetta against Osborn, Foswell and the Enforcers cracking down on Spidey plus a whole lot of pipe laying for future story lines. It really is a great running start for the series, hope you keep up the momentum.

Another episode bursting at the seems, lots of different plot lines interweaving. Seriously I'm amazed these episodes are only 22 minutes long. Electro's never been a fave of mine but I like what you did with him here.

Random Thoughts

*Keith David's Big Man is the standout for me. I especially dig the unseen ominous voice angle, Kingpin, shmingpin I Say.

*It seems your going the Ultimate route with Eddie Brock's character development. Not my favorite incarnation of Brock but it'll be interesting seeing where you go with it.

*I'm pretty sure this is the first time Sandman's been animated since the eighties.

*Who does the voice of Norman Osborn? It kinda sounds like Kelsey Grammer

Great work so far, keep it up.

Greg responds...

Alan Rachins IS Norman Osborn.

Response recorded on March 17, 2008