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Mera writes...

Hi, Greg.

I’m compelled to tell you that I have never been interested in comics much less read them until Gargoyles and BUFFY/ANGEL (they are the only ones I read and I have every issue). I had a dream once about you and Joss Whedon collaborating in something but I woke up before I saw what it was. Therefore, please keep up the amazing work in bringing out the comics (or show if the stars align) and maybe, who knows, one day I can see both your names on something I’m reading/watching. My selfish fantasies have come true before.

Here’s the question. Even though I adore all the characters Gargoyles had brought to life for me, I, as everyone have a soft one for one or two particular characters. Depending on how you look at it. Will Owen (or Puck) ever get his own storyline or particular focus? Not asking about romance, unless there is one! Won’t say no about it. But he is a very interesting character and I hope for us to see more of him and his sharp witty one-liners.


Greg responds...

Given enough issues, the answer is yes, of course.

Response recorded on March 17, 2008