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Greg Bishansky writes...

Just a few comments. I'm sure we'll discuss it in more detail soon.

Okay, first two episodes were pretty damn good.

- Loved Keith David as the unseen Big Man.
- Spidey's quips were funny, and as Pete he was very geeky and awkward, which was cool.
- I am really liking Gwen Stacy here, she's like a spunky version of Willow when she was in High School.
- On that note, you can tell that Greg is a Joss Whedon fan, but in a way, this had a bit of a Buffy feel, especially in the High School scenes.
- I liked Vulture a lot. The re-design was great. Loved hearing Freddy Kruger's voice come out of him.
- Electro was both an imposing an sympathetic villain. Crispin Freeman did a great job with that voice.
- Eddie Brock was great... I never thought I'd ever say that, but I like this Eddie. Giving him a connection to Peter is a brilliant move, which will make things all the more tragic when he becomes Venom.
- Cameos, cameos, cameos. Flint Marko and the Rhino as criminals before they become supervillains.
- Nice foreshadowing for the Lizard. I like how the villains are interconnected. Works better than random radiation accidents.
- And Gargoyles fan service. Goliath, Hudson and Broadway statues... Broadway shattered in the fight with Vulture.
- Norman Osborn is perfect in this series. He was a ruthless businessman. Unscrupulous, amoral and a bully. His one scene with Harry said all we needed to know about what kind of father he is, and how disappointed he is in his son. I love how Harry calls him "Sir."

I also loved how Vulture didn't even manage to faze him. He is being held hundreds of feet up in the air, and dropped, and he still insults him. Yes, this is the Norman Osborn I always read in comics. Much better than the 90s version who was reduced to being the Kingpin's whiny victim, and who wasn't a bad guy before he got powers.

Greg responds...

Glad you like it.

Response recorded on March 17, 2008