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Dustin writes...

Hi Greg,

I just watched the first two episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man and I loved it!
I was surprised how young Aunt May looks, even younger than the Ultimate Spider-Man version, but that's fine, if there was one thing that always annoyed me, it was her poor health and the heart attacks she almost had, whenever Spider-Man was mentioned. A younger and stronger May is what Peter needs, he has enough things to worry about. I was surprised that Sally was included (let's face it, in the comics she's practically a nobody), the supporting cast is bigger than I expected. I hope we'll see more of the Bugle characters in the next few episodes, once Peter manages to take good pictures of himself.

I'm glad Mary Jane is not part of the show yet, I love her, but Peter had a life before MJ and it should be shown, if only for a few episodes, I'm pretty sure we'll meet her soon.

I thought the animation was great, and I like the character designs, although the eyes are kinda scary ... no pupils, strange.

I'm going to watch this show every week and I'm so buying the DVDs, you and everyone else involved did a great job!

Greg responds...

May doesn't look that young to me...

Response recorded on March 18, 2008