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Anthony Tini writes...


I don't know if Peter Jackson or George Lucas are/were fans of Gargoyles, but an intro by either of them for the TPB Vol 2 would be awesome.

Also, I know you were a fan of Gummy Bears. Were the creators of Gummy Bears fans of Gargoyles? Maybe people involved in Gummy Bears like Art Vitello, David Block, Diane Dixon, Jymn Magon, Bruce Talkington, Alan Burnett, Bryce Malek, or Mark Zaslove could do an intro for you?

Maybe you can have a contest and the winning fan can have a shot at it?

Greg responds...

Bruce Talkington passed away, unfortunately.

I don't know a few of those people mentioned (like, say Lucas) and I'm not in touch with many of the others anymore, though I still talk to Jymn and Alan on occasion. I'm not sure they were gargoyles fans though. But they're good suggestions. Tad Stones might be good too.

Response recorded on March 20, 2008