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Rachel writes...

Hi Greg! I don't have a question, just a few thoughts on your Spider-Man.

I really enjoyed it, although I'm not the target demographic (24-year-old woman). I'm also not a comic book fan (except for your Gargoyle comics), so the only Spider-Man stuff I'm familiar with is the movies--and even then, I've only seen the first two and wasn't even that impressed by them. Actually, my three favorite aspects of your cartoon are also (in my opinion) major differences it has from the films.

1) It's pretty darn funny.
In the first episode, I loved the minor storyline about his shoes, but my favorite part was [wording approximate] "Haven't you heard the one about great power coming with great responsibility?" Hilarious. And it's nice that the humor is more often radiating from Peter than simply being at his expense (see also #3).

2) What I think of as a Weisman trademark: the shade-of-gray villain.
Vulture and Electro each had an element of the typical-comic-villain "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" thing going on, but I'd have to say that on the whole, each of them was more sympathetic than not. Vulture's demands from Osbourne? Extremely reasonable. (Speaking of, I also want to endorse your decision to keep the line about not letting Harry lose his dad the way Peter had lost his uncle. Because, again, Vulture had a valid point when he wondered why Spider-Man was siding against him [besides the whole kidnapping/assault thing, of course], from his and the viewers' point of view.)

3. I really like Peter's positive attitude.
It's a problem endemic to storytelling of all media that to keep up dramatic tension or the conflict that the writer has set up, the hero has to be, in a way, obstinate and narrow-minded. The audience is supposed to be convinced there's a problem because the hero is convinced there's a problem. Or maybe it's just a personal preference, and I happen to like plucky determination better than brooding pessimism.

Anyway, I liked it a lot and am eager to find out what happens next!

Greg responds...

Great! The episodes keep coming (I know because my blood pressure keeps rising), so stay tuned!

Response recorded on March 24, 2008