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Mara writes...

The Spectacular Spider-man episode 1
Survival of the Fittest

Ramble, as I re-watch:

Opening: Nice landscape shot. Hudson! Stone... at night? Eh, it's a different universe. Really, really nice backgrounds. You definitely get a sense of the normal NYC landmarks (like Cheesewedge building.)

We have title.

Spider sense tingling!

It looks like the spidey signal is sticking it's tongue out because of the placement of the bag.

Marco needs to rethink his life. I like how they're stealing rough jewels instead of finished jewelry. More easy to fence, I guess.

Opening credits: A little gratuitous to put the creator cameos in there? But I like it. Oh, we have venom costume too.. I missed that on my first viewing.

REALLY great backgrounds.

On Peter's design: He has a beauty mark near his eye... doesn't that mean many tears ahead in his life, or some junk? Poor Peter.

I *like* the eyes. I think they're expressive without going overboard. Excessive eye detail is too anime. On the streamlined design in general- it's not as excessively done as the Batman stuff of a couple of years ago. Just the right amount, I think.

Anna looks like the lady from Apartment 3-G.

Aw! Peter's sweet, pretending not to have heard.

Mr. Toombs looks like Robert Englund. Awesome.

Osborn has that hair curl thing going. Looks nice in this version.

Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School. ... Wait for it.

Gwen! *bliss.*

Don't criticize the World Tour, Harry. It was universe building.

It's like reverse Buffy, for a second there. The sidekicks weren't in town while the hero fought crime. Neat.

M cubed. Nice. I was thinking 3M. But this will work.

Pink-haired girl: The e-surance girl went to Spiderman's high school? Really?

Background music for cheerleader watching=awesome. Haha! Nice sound effect of the record scratching.

Interracial couples= yaye. Sally's Bay Ridge accent? Even better.
Seriously... it's a nice touch. (Possibly Bensonhurst- but in any case, she sounds like she's from Brooklyn.)

Flash: WAY to put ideas in Liz's head, there, buddy.

And we have episode title, albeit in blackboard form.

Peter looks kyoote with the glasses, but I'm glad those got dropped for his current design.

Yeah, I really like the different accents in the characters. The science teacher sounds vaguely British, but more in the schooled-in-Cambridge kinda way.

No no, Peter. He's a RUTHLESS scientist. Ruth-less. Lacking Ruth.

Harry calls his dad Sir? And there's characterization in a split second.

Poor Vulture- terrorism never works. Especially not on Ruthless mean men.

Great power and great responsibility mentioned but not drilled into my head? Thanks!

Webshooters! Thanks!

Martha's not a big fan of overworking. Hopefully there'll be more to her in the future. Pretty sure there will be.

Train and bus, Cheesewedge building again. Love the attention to detail.

JJJ > (is greater than) lots.

JJJ's assistant is so not intimidated by JJJ.

Spider senses tingling, same eye thing as the opening when he DOESN'T say it.

The crumbling gargoyle statute. So does that mean Spidey and Goliath are now even? (Since Goliath broke the flag pole in Awakenings and all.)

REALLY nice smooth animation for the fight scenes. Flag pole!

You can kill Norman, but he will NOT apologize. Ever.

Nice how Spiderman's buff but in proportion to other people he's fighting, still teenage tiny.

Also loving how the webs seem to CONNECT to actual buildings. Thanks!

Bedtime! Haha.

Mmm, pie.

And you still have amazing pie, Peter. You still have amazing pie.

/end ramble for episode 1.

Greg responds...

Nice ramble. But hey, don't begrudge Michael, Vic, Kenny and I our cameos. We work hard.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008