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Mara writes...

Spectacular Spider-Man Episode 2

And classic one word titles.

And Max looks like Crispin Freeman!

See? Martha's kinda lonely for her hubby. Get the sense that if she didn't remind him he'd not eat.

Nice ring tone.

Hey... wasn't that lizard juice the stuff he put into his robot arm last episode?

Yeah, on second thought, maybe leaving the tank out wasn't a good idea.

Oh: Theme song is updated but keeping the beat of the old. Nice.

Yaye! An El train coming from Brooklyn/Queens going to Manhattan. I'm sure eventually I'll get tired of glowing about all the NYC detail but since I haven't lived there for about six years anything like this just really tickles me.

C-minus! Sweet!

Unmasked Spidey sense.

Reason for the suit. Explanation for the villain's appearance. Always good.

"I'm not sure you understand. Flash so totally called you and Peter having a THING last episode."

No tv and no coffee makes Max go something something. Go crazy? Don't mind if he does!

And Peter learns the #1 way of attracting girls: Complete indifference.

Spiderman works on his MySpace photos.

Uh oh, inadvertent creating of a super villain. Although Electro was heading that way, poor guy.

God, what IS that ringtone? Oh. It's Itsy Bitsy Spider. Spectacular.

Liz: "It's up to me? Oh I can't resist indifferent boys!"

Cop is not helping. Is the bioelectricity making his so... temperamental or is it that he's always had a temper and we just didn't know?

Liz is made awkward by the nerds.

Gwen gives meaningfully wistful look.

Nice both Peter and Eddie were gonna make a move. But Eddie didn't take the time to quip.

Lightening Butt? No, not that! More nice fighting. Throwing the computer monitor at him made me giggle a little.

Great time to set limits, Aunt May.

Electro makes water go kablooey.

Petey and Liz have nice moment. Liz is apparently mean, but is also saving Peter from getting his butt whooped by the jocks. High school is never simple.

Gwen gives meaningfully wistful comment. High school is never simple.

Is Martha referring to helping Electro, or to helping Conners, since he seems to have some fixation on the odd lizard juice... We'll have to tune in and see.

/end ramble for episode 2.

Greg responds...

Eddie was trying to be Pete's wingman, until he saw that Gwen liked Pete.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008