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Shane writes...

Greg, Long time fan. In fact, Gargoyles got me interested in writing my own stuff and, like every other Gargoyles fan, into Shakespeare.

But I wanted to ask something about two of the Spidey characters that seem to be neglected in the questions. Namely the two most important girls in Peter's life: Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson.

I noticed that the latter was out, which, while I thought it was a bold move, did lead to some questions in my mind. In the origional 616 comics, Peter meets MJ through Gwen, and through their mutual grief over Gwen's death, become the couple we know today. That fact, coupled with Gwen looking upset that the cheerleader was giving Peter some attention have poked extreme thoughts into my mind: Will you be doing a "Death of Gwen Stacy" rendition in your series? As someone who believes that was one of the best comic book story lines of all time, I would much appreciate seeing that finally acknowledged (unlike in the movies) correctly (unlike in the Ultimate title, which you seem to be loosely following). I know this is a kids TV show, and the manner of how Gwen died (Peter caught her in a web line, causing her neck to snap due to whiplash) is somewhat gruesome for Saturday Morning TV, but it seems the trend of most Spiderman media to include Gwen with her death sentance. Very few do it right though, and I was hoping that after almost a decade, you would still be capable of pulling another "Deadly Force" on us.

Greg responds...

In the original comics (I'm not sure I know what 616 means), Peter met M.J. through his Aunt May and her best friend Anna Watson (i.e. M.J.'s Aunt) - not through Gwen. Gwen met M.J. through Pete.

I'm not loosely following the Ultimate title. I'm borrowing from many sources, including Ultimate Spider-Man, but our primary sources are the original Lee/Ditko and Lee/Romita issues of Amazing Spider-Man.

Response recorded on April 02, 2008