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Wheeljack writes...

Hi Greg,
I finally made that order at amazon and got my personal gargoyle-fan-package (both DVD sets and Clan Building Volume 1) delivered overseas to Europe. Better late than never. I would have ordered issue #7, too, but for some reason amazon doesn't have it on their site.
Well, for now my plan is to get the TPBs, since shipping costs for single comics would be a little high, I guess. So Clan Building Vol. 2 and Bad Guys TPB (please tell me, this is planned) are next on my list in a couple of months.
Just wanted to let you know, there is another guy with an incomplete collection keeping his fingers crossed for Disney to make the Season 2 Vol.2 DVD and for you to be able to write a lot more comics.

Greg responds...

Thanks. There will be a Bad Guys TPB, though not in a mere couple months of course.

Response recorded on April 02, 2008