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Stephen R. Sobotka, Jr. writes...

And, to add my guess to the Identify the 14 clans contest (and forgive me if I get a little specific here) :

Castle Wyvern, Manhattan Island (USA)
The Labrynth, Manhattan Island (USA)
Castle Sendai, Ishimura (Japan)
Soho District, London (England)
The Pyramid, the Jungle (Guatemala)
The Lost City, Xanadu (China)
Oberon's Castle (Avalon)
Capital City (New Olympus)
Camelot Castle, Tinagel (England)
Earth Colony, Sea of Tranquility (The Moon)
A New Castle, Wyvern (Scotland)
Unknown Location, Geneva (Switzerland)
Unknown Location, Paris (France)
Unknown Location (Antartica)

Dunno how good I did, but good luck to everyone! And talk to you later Greg!

Maintain and Check Six!

Greg responds...

five points, seven halves. Sometimes specificity DOESN'T help. tyca

Response recorded on August 19, 2000