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Matt writes...

London Clan

1. Are the two gargoyles pictured with Hudson, Griff, Lex, Staghart and Constance in the brief frame of them as stone at Knight's Spur the Lunette and Old Pog that Staghart mentions or are they just two different members of the London Clan?

2. What year did Old Pog hatch?

3. Is Old Pog the only gargoyle still alive from his rookery generation among the London Clan?

4. As of 1996, do the London Clan gargoyles raise their hatchlings communally or are members aware of their biological parents?

5. How long has the London Clan been using names?

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. It's Old Pog and Lunette.

2. 1798.

3. The only one.

4. Communally.

5. Long time.

Response recorded on April 29, 2008