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Anonymous writes...

As fan and amateur drawer I'd love to see the "original" Character Models and Character Sketches I suppose were done when you and the artists of your group were developing your wonderful cartoon and, now, the comic. Sadly the "official" images available online are terribly few: actually they are limited to the ones that can be seen in "Avalon archives" site (http://avalon.gargoyles-fans.org/gallery/official.html) - and even those pics are a bit poor, with just a pose (frontal) and no display of different facial expressions.

Do you think in the future the Gargoyles' fans will have the possibility to admire those drawings in some Gargoyle-related site (as Gargoyles wiki or the Imagery Resource, etc…)?

I suppose I'm not the only fan curious to know how a character is developed in a show production or what the gargoyles looked like in their earlier incarnations of the original comedy development (I've read of Amp, Lassie, Dakota, Coco or IsaDora, of the many faces of Elisa and so on).
My curiosity involved not only the old characters, but the new ones too (es. the London Clan and the ones will be soon introduced: I'm looking forward to discover Katana's look, but I think for this one in particular I only have to patiently wait).
My best regards and sincere compliments for your artistic projects.

Greg responds...

Thanks. I'm all for raiding Disney's archives and posting images, but I don't have the time or the technical ability to do so.

Response recorded on May 15, 2008