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SpaceWay2007 writes...

Hello, Greg. I enjoy this new series of "The Spectacular Spider-Man." It's very interesting and funny to watch. You wouldn't believe how much I enjoy and look forward to watching this show. It's one of the reason why I wake up early just to watch this show. Great voice acting, great animation, excellent character development, and spectacular storyline. Keep up the good work!
Now, for my question, how come all of a sudden "The Spectacular Spider-Man" shows every other Saturday? Whatever happened to showing new episodes consecutively? And sorry if this question have been asked already, but will there be 13 or 26 episodes for the first season. Thanks for you time.

Greg responds...

There are 13 episodes in this first season. Thirteen more are in the works for season two. The short answer as to why we've had a few weeks of reruns interspersed is pretty straightforward: the episodes weren't ready. As of this writing, the eleventh episode finished posting JUST today. Twelve and thirteen aren't done.

Response recorded on May 23, 2008