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Greg Bishansky writes...

So, I picked up #2 of "Bad Guys" today. I enjoyed it more than the first issue. Now we finally seem to be getting somewhere and the team has more or less coalesced. Well, still one more, but we're getting there.

Most of the issue takes place in Tokyo, where we open with Yama reflecting on his banishment from the clan. He can only return when his honor has been regained, and he himself is his own judge. A very harsh and unforgiving judge. This universe has never had a lack of characters full of self loathing. Nice to finally see Sora get some characterization after, what, twelve years now?

Loved the action sequence where Hunter and Dingo take down Yama. Hunter is quite the wily one, isn't she? I'm really enjoying her character. Yama and Dingo making fun of her accent was also quite amusing. But more than that, she threatens his clan if Yama does not join, and being the samurai that he is feels that his lost honor cannot be regained under coercion. Damn, this must suck for him.

Must not forget Vinnie's cameo. I hope he doesn't get mugged. Poor guy, doesn't speak the language.

I did enjoy Dingo's reaction to being told they're heading to New York. He's still a wanted, escaped felon there, and Hunter pretty much tells him to get over it. She is such a bitch, I love her.

Next we get to cameos, cameos, cameos. Let's see, who have I spotted.

Brendan and Margot
Shari... I see she's still hanging out in the Labyrinth. Is she doing double agent work for Thailog? Looks like it.
Greg Weisman's son, Benny.
Long time fans, Mara Cordova and I.... yup, that's right. Between Harry Osborn making fun of me in "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and now walking down street past a Mystery Homeless Guy, I am making the rounds in Weisman's material. ;)

Mara and I strolling down a street in Manhattan.

Thanks, Karine!

Okay, back to the story. Mysterious homeless drifter named Fred climbs into the sewers and makes his way to the Labyrinth. He is greeted by Claw, a couple of homeless people. A sinister looking Shari smiles knowingly at him, and "Fred" walks up to Fang's cell and removes his fake beard, hat and coat revealing the good doctor we all love to hate, Dr. Anton Sevarius, here to release Fang for whatever scheme he has in the works. We also learn Fang's real name.

Cool issue. Had less of a "meet the characters" feel, and more of a story. I eagerly anticipate #3.

Greg responds...

Which by now you have...

Response recorded on June 03, 2008