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Blaise writes...


I somehow knew the format would begin by advancing the "leica reel scenario" before going back to the main story. It's nice, and ends on quite a cliff-hanger for Yama (while also showcasing what a jerk Fang is--"I'm outta here, suckers!")

But on to the main story:

Well, it seems Vinnie's in Japan, which puts this AFTER Vinnie's cameo in "Gargoyles" #8. Most likely, sometime in November then (placing the "leica reel sequence" sometime in January, at least). I LOVE the designs of some of the Japanese pedestrians.

Anyway, we then flash even further back to Yama's banishment. I love the interplay between Kai, Sora and Yama. It intrigues me how Sora was the one who suggested Yama be his own judge--and how Kai objected because the choice was "too harsh." Not that they have to outright say it; Yama figures out that he's his own judge just by Sora and Kai's statements.
Kai then leaves the two alone. I just have to say, I love how stoic Kai acts throughout this sequence.
You can see the pain on both Yama and Sora's faces as they part.
"Ask me to go with you"...damn. Poor girl.
Somewhat Random Thought: I can't help but find myself wondering how much their age difference plays a factor in their relationship.

Back in the "present" flashback, Yama unfurls his wings...and reveals a frickin' armory! How many blades does that guy need?

The Matrix in Surround Sound! Man, that AI is dang useful.

I like how Dingo isn't thrilled with hunting a gargoyle. Nevertheless, he nets Yama, who counters with swords and then cuts right through the Matrix-hammock and hits the ground. Of course, Hunter pulls off some pretty impressive acrobatics of her own.

And Yama is surrounded and gets "the pitch." I'm glad Yama got to surprise Hunter by speaking English ("Better than you speak Japanese.") Yama and Dingo ragging on her accent was fun, too.

Matrix just had to get that "We serve Law and Order" in there, didn't it?

Robyn reveals some of her growth. Particularly in the way she describes having "wasted (her) life hunting gargoyles" and that her "studies of the species were tainted by old prejudices." She seems to have learned enough to know about banishment, however (and I wonder where exactly she learned about that).
Did anybody else notice her Demona reference?

It's strange, but Hunter's face (even in the mask) seems a lot...well, "softer" I guess, then I've ever seen it. I mean, is it just me, or is she a heck of a lot nicer with Yama than she was with Dingo? She even pats him on the shoulder--much more chummy than I would have expected either of them to be.

Yama's actually favorable to the idea of joining the group and doing good already (which, as Dingo thinks, is the "Carrot"). But then, Hunter trots out "the Stick." "Fifteen seconds later..." Hunter's on the ground with a sword pointed at her throat (in addition to Yama's hand around it) and Yama's got THREE guns pointed at him (Dingo's, Hunter's, and Matrix's new gun made out of his arm). I laughed out loud at that.

Yama's angry expression fades to one of consternation over being coerced into this. Despite the gun, Dingo actually comisserates with Yama a bit. Even more surprising, Hunter proves (once again) a bit more receptive to Yama and his dilemma than she was towards Dingo. She even seems to know enough about Bushido to offer a solution--but Yama doesn't let the "gargoyle-hunter" off the hook so easily (Matrix, like the naive AI it is, fails to see the problem).

Who wants to bet that the coffee cup Dingo's drinking from is one of "Nightstone's"?
I like Dingo's spit-take, and referring to Hunter's "evil little mind" as well as his "put-upon" expression in the next panel.

I thought I recognized a couple of the "extras"--go Greg B. and Mara!
And somehow, I knew who "Fred" really was in the first panel--something about the nose and eyes. What interests me is how familiar the residents of the Labyrinth act towards him. He clearly must have been doing this for a while and building up trust.
Shari seems to know who he really is (but does he know that she knows? And if so, does she know that he knows that she knows? And if so...I'll just stop now).

Let me just say, poor Thug.

And then the Big Reveal. Not just Sevarius himself, but Fang's real name: Fred Sykes. My first thought was also about Bill Sikes from "Oliver Twist" (in fact, Tim Curry played him in one made-for-TV version a while back). My second thought was that Sevarius's homeless persona had the same first name as Fang. My third thought was, "Boy, Sevarius really is a ham."
And that is one shocked look on Fang's face at the end.

Oh, and one last thing...I'M IN THE LETTERS SECTION! Wow, man, I never expected that in a million years. That is so frickin' COOL! (ahem) It was rather gratifying. Thank you, Greg.

So, bring on the next installment!

Greg responds...

It's brought. And the next is done. And the next is scripted and being Karine'd as we speak!

Response recorded on June 06, 2008