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Matt writes...

My Review For Bad Guys #2, "The Lost"...

Well, let me just say. It was worth the wait. And I don't just mean the wait since "Strangers" I mean the wait since I found out at Ask Greg about Yama and Sora and the Redemption Squad. For some reason, I've always thought that the Yama/Sora relationship would be fascinating to watch, and "The Lost" didn't let me down on that note. Ugh, it tugs at my heart to watch them in this issue. They both know what must be done, and yet they are both so conflicted. Without saying the word, I see love between them. I love that Sora is willing to be banished with Yama, and I love that Yama won't let her. Who knows how long they will be apart, but I love thinking that down the road they will always be on the others mind and in the others heart.

"The Lost" is really exciting. As always there is so much going on it is hard not to just point out how I loved every little detail in my review, but I'll attempt to focus on the basics. The action is outstanding. Karine really has a knack for drawing action and Greg has a knack for writing it. It is amazing to me that the comics seem to be as dynamic and fast-paced as any TV episode of the series, if not more so in some cases. Hunter's acrobatics are exciting to watch, Matrix is, as always, very fun in his various forms and fluidity, Dingo's everyman attitude is great and Yama is just so darn cool with his nobility and warrior spirit. This is really shaping up to be a very fun bunch as a main cast.

Lots of cool little bits in this one, as well. The inner monologue stuff was very interesting, I especially enjoyed Dingo's thoughts on fighting gargoyles. The tension between Hunter and Yama is neat too. A former gargoyle hunter and a gargoyle as teammates. Makes me wonder if Hunter has ever actually killed another gargoyle. Matrix is all over the place with this one. His abilities are outright astounding. He can separate himself into numerous, fully functional entities, he can form his arm into a gun, he can float/fly/hover... With all that it is hilarious when Hunter remarks to Dingo that, "I recruited you to get to Matrix." No kidding, he/she/it may seem naive and simple at times, but he is very powerful.

Finally, the New York sequence. Fun to see a cameo by Margot, Brendan, Al, Claw and Shari (not to mention Greg B and others, guess it pays to have friends in high places), but the really fun stuff here is Sevarius. His infiltration of the Labyrinth leads to all sorts of questions. Questions I'm sure won't be answered for a few months at least. But we do get one answer to an old question, Fang's human name. Fred Sykes. And what is Sevarius's interest in Mr. Sykes? I guess thats a story for another day.

So, all in all, a fantastic issue. No errors or problems of any sort that I can see and the story and art and cover are all fantastic. Great job to everyone, I look forward to "Estranged" with great antici........ pation.

Greg responds...

How did I fall so far behind here, that I'm only reading #2 reviews now, when #3 is out...?

Response recorded on June 06, 2008