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Chip writes...

Man this was so worth it.

I swear every issue that comes out just gets better and better.

Yama's characterization was fantastic, and the scene with him and Sora was absolutely beautiful. Powerful and emotional.

I've been to two gatherings and I still have yet to see the gargoyles: bad guys Leica Reel. I still hear Bruce Locke as Yama in my head and I hear Jim Cummings as both Dingo AND Matrix. (Yeah I know he's Jeff Bennett but I've not heard it)Nevertheless I expected Matrix to turn into a sphere and protect them...what I hadn't expected was his ability to FLY! I had figured he'd morph into a boat or something.

Fang/Fred Sykes was great. Oddly enough I was watching "According to Jim" the other night (which I always jokingly call "According to Fang") and Jim said that exact line: "I'm outta here, suckers". I heard it crystal clear in my head.

When Robyn first spoke to Yama I figured he was supposed of go chasing after Fang or something, but I was wrong. Instead the RS fights the robots from Seasame Street. (1,2,3,4,5,6, Seven...Seven deadly robots Mwahahaha)

Yama always reminded me of my dad. I kinda see him as my dad if had been born in the Gagoyles Universe as a Garg. My dad (who incidently had a birthday the day this came out)is obsessed with Japanese culture and especially Samurai so this was strangely fitting. Plus my dad collects Japanese weapons and Yama is armed to the teeth. (I count two katana's, a taichi, four ninja stars, two daggers, and Nunchukku)

Matrix is weird, that's all I have to say on that.

Robyn/Hunter is interesting. I get the feeling that she kind of admires gargoyles/tengu now, but she's still quite prejudiced. The stick was unnessesary, the carrot would have worked.

Dingo feels for Yama, and heck I think he genuinely likes the tengu/gargoyle. Speaking of which, I think that Dingo and Robyn are already attracted to each other. I think that that caught her off guard and so she does little things to get under his skin.

And so Sevarius comes to bust Fang out...again. What is this, the third time someone broke into the Labyrinth? Fourth...I forgot about Awakenings. Security in the Labyrinth SUCKS!

Thug: Somebody broke into the Labyrinth again.
Al: Must be Wednesday.

And the cameo's dotted about were the sprinkles on top. Vinnie, Karine's avatar Kanthara (as a human), Brendan, Margo, Shari, Claw, Benny, Greg B, Mara, and I think I'm missing someone but oh well.

Bad Guys RULES

Greg responds...

Doesn't it though?

Response recorded on June 07, 2008