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Jackie writes...

Dear heavens that's a lot of red tape just to ask a question. Well, I'm sure my question has been asked many times before, and please forgive me if you find it to be an annoyance (I'm sure I'll politely be escorted to the 'archives' for this one), but I just wanted to know if the creators foresee a film coming out in the near future. I was so very proud of this cartoon. It is quite nostalgic for my younger brother and me. I'd be overjoyed to support this brilliant cartoon on the big screen.
Jackie (Gargoyles fan since I was a youngster!)

Greg responds...

You know, Jackie, I've got no sympathy for you here. You seem perfectly aware of the archives -- perfectly aware that you're asking a question that's been asked before. And yet...

I mean you complain about the red tape and then contribute to the reason we HAVE red tape in the first place.

So, yeah, consider yourself escorted...


Response recorded on June 07, 2008