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Lizzy writes...

This has been bothering me for some time now, and I need an answer: What is up with Hudson's sword?

The FAQ states that all gargoyles are subject to a modesty spell which causes their clothing and other objects they consider "theirs", which are in contact with their bodies, to turn to stone with them at daybreak. However, Hudson's sword seems to defy this spell, being stone in one shot but metal in the next. In some scenes the sunlight clearly glints of the metal blade as the sunrises; yet in other scenes it is dull as concrete! In the episode "The Price," Xanatos states that one of the harder parts of his plan was to find a replica of Hudson's sword to use in the fake Hudson statue (let's ignore the inherent sculptural difficulties of putting a metal sword in a carved stone hand without damaging either). Yet the statue, and even the miniature version of it Xanatos is holding during this exchange, are both holing metal swords. On the cover of Gargoyles comic 38, stone Hudson is holding a stone sword; yet when stone Hudson and Lexington are being crated for the flight, the sword is clearly metal.

Help! What's going on here! Please put my poor little brain at rest.

(Also, Demona's armlet, earrings and occasionally her crown suffer from this same sometimes-stone-sometimes-metal phenomenon.)

Greg responds...

It's pretty simple -- AND HAS DEFINITELY BEEN ANSWERED IN THE ARCHIVES -- but it all depends on what Hudson's thinking at the time of sleep. If he's feeling at one with the sword it'll turn to stone. If not, it won't.

Response recorded on June 09, 2008