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Aldrius writes...

I'm starting this early because I had a thought while watching the Rhino rerun.

Jameson saves Peter from the Rhino, then Spider-man saves Jameson from the Rhino, would he have if he hadn't saved him? Or has been as determined to do it?

All right, and now for the episode, which ironically, I'm starting late now...

I didn't know Spider-man could fly.

I love Peter McNichol. I can hear the X the Eliminator in his voice, and that's one of my favourite roles of his. I wonder what caused Otto's change in personality? The arms or did he just go crazy?

Who does Spider-man think his fans are? Furthermore does he know he's being watched? Does he think Norman is his fan?

Otto sure took to being a super-villain pretty quickly.

And the mystery continues. Harry's passed out, but Norman was obviously at the Oscorp... so is it the father or the son. Kinda parallels the Big Man mystery that at least the fans seem to have going.

"Where do you hide the muscles". Jeez. If he's not the green goblin he's definitely on the green goblin juice at least. Maybe they're both the green goblin. Weird... extra... dimensional...? personality stuff. That would be quite the twist.

Gwen sure forgave Peter pretty fast. That's actually another good thing about the show, be pretty unrealistic if she held a grudge against him just for lying to her once... that wasn't even really a lie, he just changed his mind.

Ah, Octapus has got the movie coat. That's cool. I like the movie coat. And another Gargoyles line, eh?

"Stop that Ms. Brant I'm a married man" that one made me crack up. I'm not exaggerating.

Flash likes Spider-man. I like that. There's that 3-dimensional Flash-ness.

And a girl gets kidnapped. At least it's not Mary Jane I suppose.

...I missed what happened with Liz and Flash... and how it was Peter's fault, I guess I'll find out. And it looks like we're getting another Green Goblin episode next weekend. Cool. I'm guessing we'll finally find out who he is. Harry or Norman. Or maybe even a third party.

This one seemed short to me, but maybe that means I enjoyed it all the more... felt like there were more questions asked than answered. Definitely superior to last weeks anyway.

Greg responds...

Of course, Pete/Spidey would have saved Jonah. He LIKES Jonah.

If the episode didn't explain why Otto changed, then it's pointless for me to do it, I'd think.

Response recorded on June 09, 2008