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Todd Jensen writes...

My comments on the latest "Spectacular Spider-Man" episode.

I'd been looking forward to this one, since I'd noticed how meek and timid Dr. Octavius (now Dr. Octopus) had been up until now. Since I'd recognized him as a future "Spider-Man" villain (I'm not a big Spider-Man expert, but I still know about Dr. Octopus), I was eagerly awaiting the revelation of how he'd change into a super-villain (and the mental change more than the physical change).

What I got didn't disappoint me. Octavius has finally had enough of Norman Osborn pushing him around (I liked the moment where he's fantasizing about getting back at Norman even before the accident), and the worm finally turns. And how!

Norman is as cool as ever at the end, when Hammerhead's bringing up Green Goblin's actions and the problems they're causing for his boss. (I assume that it's Norman rather than his son who's the Goblin - though Harry's doing a good job of leading the audience astray. I'm looking forward to how that plays out in future episodes, especially since Gwen's getting suspicious.)

Wouldn't you know that Peter would win a stuffed octopus at Coney Island?

And I've got a suspicion that John Jameson's space flight will lead to further trouble for our friendly neighborhood web-slinger, especially since I vaguely remember it featuring in other "Spider-Man" adaptations, with big consequences.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on June 10, 2008