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Lee H writes...

Hey Greg, I'm loving Spectacular Spider-Man!

The Spectacular team has done a great job at forming a diverse supporting cast in regards to race and sex, but what is the plan where female villains are concerned?

Spider-Man has had very few female villains and most of them were forgettable. The two major female antagonists were Black Cat and Silver Sable, but they quickly became more allies than bad guys.

In May 2008's issues of Amazing Spider-Man two new female villains are introduced - Screwball, a young thrill seeker who commits crimes and uploads videos of them on the Internet, and Paper Doll, a villain who is... well, like paper!

Is there a chance of either of them being featured in later seasons of Spectacular Spider-Man, a few years down the line, or is the plan to stick with older tried and tested villains?

Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

I'm partial to female villains myself.

There are no current plans for Screwball or Paper Doll, but if we last long enough, who knows?

Black Cat has of course appeared, and she'll be back in Season Two. Silver Sable will make her debut in Season Two, as will Calypso. Others are in my head for later seasons, but I think I'll hold off on going into any more detail at this time.

Response recorded on June 11, 2008