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Bud-Clare writes...

14 clans:

1. London
2. Ishimura
3. Guatemala
4. El Dorado
5. Xanadu, China
6. New Olympus
7. Loch Ness, Scotland
8. Avalon
9. Manhattan
10. Labyrinth
11. New Camelot, Castle Carbonek
12. Wyvern, Scotland
13. Paris
14. Merlin's Crystal Cave, Antarctica

Am I correct in assuming that the one answer that no one has a clue about yet is the reason you think this contest is basically impossible? Is one answer really _that_ viscious?

Greg responds...

I don't think it's vicious. It's certainly not impossible, not anymore. You guys are very close if you put everything together. But you're not there yet.

11 & 2/2 tyca

Response recorded on August 22, 2000