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Antiyonder writes...

Since, I haven't done any particular episode comments or reviews for The Spectacular Spider-Man I'll be commenting on each story arc for the time being. That said:

Episode 1- Survival of the Fittest
- Considering the plan of using comic book only characters, I'm a bit embarassed that I didn't identify Randy earlier when seeing the episode prior to Market Forces.
- As much as I feel sorry for Peter's rejection from Sally, I couldn't help but laugh when Gwen and Harry commented on it. Either the scene was well written and executed or deep down I'm a jerk. I'll go with well executed scene :).
- Same with the comment above, I had a small laugh when Eddie tell Peter that being a high school student with lack of experience keeps him from getting paid.
- Relating to the comment on the podcast, as a fellow sap (I have a box of Shojo Manga for crying outloud), I too enjoyed Peter's dialogue about having Aunt May at the end.

Episode 2- Interactions
- Unlike the identifying of Randy, I was able to pick up on the cellphone dial tone immediately (which would be impossible to miss).
- In Flash's defense, he did get a higher grade than Liz, so maybe Mr. Warren was a little too judgemental of him (interms of how he would function as a tutor). I'm half serious and half joking about this of course.
- Not being able to have coffee for the rest of my life, I certainly hope I wouldn't go mad.

- I do have a question which my brother brought up. Was Curt's serum going to turn him into the Lizard as it was or was it partially due to exposure to Electro's voltage?

Episode 3- Natural Selection
- Have to say that this episode was a nice flipside to the 1994 cartoon episode "Night Of The Lizard". Basically both had Eddie and Peter involved in the story, but this time Peter looks like the bad guy. Also a good example of Pete winning and losing at the same time.
- My favorite scene is definitely Spidey trying to sneak up on the Lizard only for the cellphone to go off.

Greg responds...

Electro gave the serum an unintenional boost.

Response recorded on June 11, 2008