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dph writes...

My Review of Bad Guys #2

I really loved it. Everything, especially the cover. The story starts where the last one left off. Very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how their 1st mission together turns out. I didn't catch the cameo of Vinnie and the others at first. The flashback showing Yama's banishment is great.

That Yama is his own judge for when he can return to his clan speaks volumes for his character. Characters with that much integrity are as rare as diamonds and I'm thankfull you included one like that in a primary role in a spin-off.

I do hope that by the time the next gargoyles breeding season comes Yama will have found his redemption. The battle to get Yama's attention is quite good and realistic. It's great that Yama knows English. Question is does an entire clan speak English that well? It's nice to see Hunter come clean about wasting her past. (I do have a cat named Hunter. She once stole a mouse from a snake, but that's another story.) It's interesting that Matrix doesn't comprehend the problem with a gargoyle serving a gargoyles hunter. Dingo's reaction to going back to New York City is authentic, but shouldn't he realize that it's just as dangerous for Hunter to return them? In this sense, I'm glad that you haven't told the story of how Hunter was recruited as it would spoil the upcoming story.

Robyn Canmore's revelation that Dingo was recruited to get Matrix is incredible. Only a small handful of people around the world can possibly know about Matrix. Also only a small number of people around the world can possibly know about the Ishimuran clan. When I stop to consider the intersection of those two groups, I'm perplexed because it can only describe a much smaller set than those two groups. That leads me to believe whomever Hunter is working for has to be extremely well-connected and/or possessing Sherlock Holmes type of intelligence.

Back to New York, it shouldn't surprise me that Dr Sevarius was keeping tabs of his former experiments, but it did. I was wondering how Fang was going to be 'liberated' and know I see. At last, we learn Fang's real name.

Overall excellent story-telling. You keep throwing more things to consider along with answering questions. I am really looking forward to the next issue.

Greg responds...

Hopefully, by now you're looking forward to issue #4, which should be out fairly soon. (It's all done.) Issue #5 is currently being pencilled by Karine, and I'm currently scripting #6.

Response recorded on June 16, 2008