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Todd Jensen writes...

My review/report on the latest episode of "The Spectacular Spider-Man", if a day late.

Obviously, the big question about this episode is: Is Harry really the Green Goblin, or has he been framed? Bishansky's already said a lot about that, so I won't say anything more (except that I also think that Harry *is* being set up).

What more appropriate time for the Goblin to show up than Halloween? I enjoyed Spidey's parody of "Twas the Night Before Christmas", especially his not-too-successful effort at the rhymes. And talk about daring! Peter actually making Spider-Man his Halloween costume. Shades of the gargoyles' own two Halloween parties ("Eye of the Beholder" and the Double Date story in the comic).

And not only does Flash Thompson wind up dressing as a cheerleader, but so do all his football buddies. I hadn't expected that latter part.

Tombstone's as imposing as ever (I can see why Hammerhead respects him). And I got a kick out of Goblin's "deja vu" remark to Spidey.

Great to see more of J. Jonah Jameson's human side, as he waits anxiously for news about the shuttle landing. Which itself looks like it'll have its own big consequences: now Venom's in town. Things are going to get even more lively in the Big Apple now....

Greg responds...

I'm not sure Pete was planning to go as Spidey for Halloween -- of if he was just improvising.

Response recorded on June 17, 2008