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Nabil writes...

Hey Greg,
you guys are doing a fantastic job on the series i really love it, every bit and piece of it i have couple questions though:

1- Do you have any idea on when the first dvd will be released and will it have a bluray edition as well?
2- is there any chance that tombstone is not really the big man, but as foswell put it "some other guy pulling the strings from behind" especially that tombstone never refer to himself as the big man?
3- there surely a lot of mystery surrounding goblin's identity even though we are to believe it is harr after the unmasking in last episode, when will we have a definitve answer on who the goblin was/is? (season 3 ?)
4- are there any plans for a series of comics or video games based on the spectacular spidey series?

Keep up the good work and thanx a bunch for all your efforts

Greg responds...

1. No idea.

2. Did you really think I was going to answer this?

3. Who says you don't?

4. I don't know.

(Sorry, I know the above isn't too helpful, but...)

Response recorded on June 19, 2008