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Wayne writes...

Since the cancellation of Gargoyles with the other stories that you have created have you tried to take the ideas for any of the spin offs to other companies such as Scifi, Cartoon Network, etc to try to get a new series or one of the spin offs produced? I loved Gargoyles, as well as, your work on other series, loved the Goliath Chronicles and would love to see the completed spinoff for King Arthur and Gryph. Do you have any plans to work on any other series in the future other than Spiderman, yours or others?

Greg responds...

Boy someone could stand a little meander through the archives. Not saying who. But someone.

Anyway... DISNEY owns Gargoyles and all its spin-offs. Period.

But we are continuing both the original series and at least one (and maybe more) of the spin-offs in comic book form. Check it out!

I'm very happy doing Spider-Man for now, but odds are I'll work on a lot of other series (hopefully), you know, before I die or whatever.

Response recorded on June 25, 2008