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Mary C. writes...

Hi Mr. Greg! Long time fan, first time submitter :) I don't have a question for you this time, but I wanted to share some info I though you'd find cool. I've seen alot of comments about G:BG issue #1 and the Tasmanian Tiger and is real life extinct companions. Today I found this article online about scientists transplanting a tasmanian tiger gene to a mouse. It's funny how odd things like this always seem to pop up at a relevant time, here's the link to the Yahoo article for ya: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080520/sc_afp/scienceanimaldnaaustralia;_ylt=An3qxdBHbEV4ht9_yAJgwcd4hMgF

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 09, 2008