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Matt writes...

My Review For Bad Guys #3, "Estranged"...

I greatly enjoyed this issue. We really got into Hunter as a character and it was a lot of fun and very interesting. In "The Lost", we got this great broken romance between Yama and Sora, now we see what love and conflict can do between siblings. I couldn't help but think of my family as Hunter was reminiscing and encountering her own. Like the Canmore kids, I too am the product of a boy-girl-boy birth order (as is my friend Ryan who is going to attending the Gathering with me in a month or so). I can appreciate how the relationship between Jon and Robyn changed from their childhood into their adulthood as it is very much like my relationship with my sister. I don't want to get too personal with this review, but suffice to say that "Estranged", much to my surprise, got me thinking about my siblings and made me get a little sad and made me want to call them up and chat. A very poignant and touching issue. Kudos to Greg on the great writing.

- I think the cover by Greg Guler and Robby Bevard is the best Bad Guys cover to date. It seems to be the most dynamic, I guess. And the coloring is gorgeous.

- And lets not forget the main artist for this issue. Christopher Jones does a great job filling in for Karine Charlebois. I particularly liked how he drew Hunter throughout the issue, most especially during the scene with Castaway. Hunter's silent and sad stare after John tells her he has no time for her is just breathtaking. Great stuff. I hope we see Christopher's work again either in Gargoyles or in a spinoff book.

- So, on to the story itself. We start back in the future at "Robot Island". Part of me was expecting to find out what Yama's fate would be after the cliffhanger (so to speak) from last issue, but instead we go back to see what Hunter, Dingo and Matrix are up to. Hunter does some more of her crazy-fun acrobatics and takes out a 'bot only to be snatched like teammate Yama was. Guess we'll have to wait and see how they both escape now.

- But we are off for a flashback in Paris mixed in with a flash(way)back in Paris. One of the best things about the Gargoyles comics has been the leeway we've seen on certain words and visuals. This issue contains a couple creepy glimpses of Charles Canmore that probably would never have been seen in the television series. We also have Jason throwing the word "ass" around a bit, which seemed so natural and realistic and is only remarkable because such language would've never gotten on the air. One more reason I often wonder if Gargoyles is more suited for comics.

- I like the extension on the Notre Dame scene from what we saw in "Hunter's Moon". The body of their father, the journey into the Catacombs, The Demon crawling across piles of human skulls attacking children. You can feel the creepiness and understand why these kids were so traumatized into devoting their life towards hunting gargoyles.

- The mission briefing scene was great. The thing about Sevarius is that in most shows/comics he would be a useful plot device. Fun and all, sure, but just there to enable the plot. But Gargoyles makes him more than just the "mad scientist type". He is a person with his own goals and motivations and all his work for others in the series has really been to raise cash for his own schemes. As for what he is up to, again, we'll have to wait and see...

- The Celebrity Hockey bit was fun. I laughed out loud in particular at "Puck's recovered by Spiner... Bennett checks him... loose puck!" Greg sure knows how to have fun.

- There were a lot of great little things that I loved in "Estranged". Yama's impatience to restore honor. Matrix as a mini-Redemption helicopter. Demona calling the Canmore kids "little hunters". The Clocktower in mid-restoration. The mention of Bushido Concepts and the Thylacines. Dingo relaxing in his hotel room. Yama sleeping in his underwear with his clothes and weapons neatly placed aside. And of course all the neat parallels throughout the issue ending in the great cliffhanger ending with Fang and Hunter. Great stuff. Very much looking forward to "Louse".

Greg responds...

I'm assuming you're the youngest sibling...?

As you probably know, I'm the oldest sibling of three. Robyn is the middle kid and Jon is the youngest. (Though other than the names, they don't have much in common with the Canmores.) But I'm glad it got you thinking. That's always a good result.

Kudos to Chris Jones from me as well. Chris one of CONvergence's "Triumverate of Seven" did great work. Hoping to work with him again soon.

"Louse" ups the ante. Hope you like it.

Response recorded on July 10, 2008