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Blaise writes...


I suppose I should get my negative points out of the way first--or rather, my one big negative point: there just weren't enough pages.
Like everyone else, I just wanted to see so much more of the Canmore siblings. What we got was good, don't get me wrong, but it just doesn't feel like enough. Oh well....

I was a little surprised that we didn't pick up the "Now" teaser with Yama being saved from his predicament (that's probably kicking off the NEXT issue), but when I saw Robyn was a focus, I knew her danger would be the new "present cliffhanger."

Back to the main story in the past. We get a cross-section glimpse of the Redemption Squad's hideout beneath the Eiffel Tower. Some pad--even comes complete with its own "danger room." I loved Matrix as a little helicopter. I also enjoyed Yama's statements about appreciating the "discipline of training" but being more interested in reclaiming honor.

Yeah, seeing Charles Canmore's mangled body in a pool of his own blood (even if from a high-angle distance shot) was a bit of an eyebrow-raiser. Actually, there were a fair amount of more "mature" elements here that would never have made it into the TV show. I mean, Robyn calls Dingo a "damn fool" and Jason says "ass" not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES inside of two pages. The edge seems a lot sharper in this series.

I'm glad we finally got to see the lost "catacombs sequence" (modified to take place after Charles's death). Kudos to Chris Jones on Robyn's "terrified" expression--the panel of her face surrounded by tumbling skulls is especially memorable.

Dingo's been doing his homework. Robyn now has a very scary (rather than scared) expression on her face in the flashback to her blowing up the Clock Tower.

"Casablanca Hotel"...okay, there's got to be some significance to this, but color me clueless.

Wow, when Robyn says "Briefing in ten," she really means "in ten." We get a little slide show about Sevarius (including a shot of Wolf the mutate). Apparently his "Fred" disguise didn't fool...whoever the hell was spying on him. More and more we're getting additional pipe laying regarding the true boss here.
Given Yama's reaction to "Bushido Concepts" I can probably guess who's head of that company (and it's nice that we finally know the name). Also, the origin of the two thylacines is explained (or at least hinted at).

It's interesting to compare and contrast the members in their various rooms. Yama's the only one (besides the absent Robyn) with his curtains open to let in the sun. I noticed he was still facing inward, as per his customs. I also noticed he removed most of his clothing, something we have not seen him do before. I believe this is because the clothes in question are actually his Redemption Squad uniform, and as such, he does not yet consider them as "his" clothes. Meanwhile Matrix is a puddle, and Dingo's watching celebrity hockey while surrounded by empty bottles (just what was he drinking--beer or root beer?).

The conversation with Jason went well. I actually like the description of the whole "ass-for-legs bargain" he made with God, as well as the parallel shots of Jason hugging Robyn in the past with Robyn hugging Jason in the present. Jason's canny enough to realize that Robyn's now working for someone, so good on him.

Mr. Greg Weisman, you are just having too darn much fun with the voice-actor names. ;-)
I especially liked the bit about Cumming (John Castaway's voice from "The Journey") being blindsided by Cleverdon (Jon's voice in "Hunter's Moon"--as well as Castaway's voice in his other two TGC appearances).

I share Robyn's surprise at her fugitive brother appearing on TV, bold as you please (and I liked the shocked looks on her and Jason's faces). Robyn actually chastises John for calling the gargoyles demons--something I found very interesting. Even stranger, though, is that John doesn't outright...well, "demonize" her for doing so. He's confrontational, yes, but he's...well, he's not the raving lunatic we got in his last two TGC appearances, that's for sure. The contrast between his adult self's determination to kill all gargoyles and his child self's plea to "forget the gargoyles" was well done. And I loved his "I'm not Jonny Canmore/I'm John Castaway now" bit. As I read this, I heard him speaking in his original Scottish voice up until this line, at which point he shifted into his Castaway voice for the remainder of the scene.

I must say, John's got some very good ears on him. I, too, can appreciate the irony of Robyn holding a conversation with a gargoyle while in the same room as John Castaway. He also seems to have a reaction to hearing Robyn referred to as "Hunter." It's sad the way he just casually disregards her at the end. The Quarrymen door closing on a picture of a young and happy Robyn and Jon is especially poignant.

"Ding-bat"? Never heard Dingo called that before. I like it. :D

You'd think Robyn would have learned that when you're searching for something underground, you do NOT split up! I do find it a little funny, though, that so far the one member of the team she seems to have the best (or at least the easiest) working relationship with is the gargoyle.

The final page where Robyn's "current" predicament with Fang echoes her past one with Demona is just cool. I don't think we've seen Hunter with that terrified of an expression on her face (her adult, masked face, anyway).

Three last notes: 1) Chris Jones did an excellent job with the art, leaving me with only a few nits (Jason's face looked a little off to me in one panel), but overall showing solid work. 2) I agree with whoever said that the cover for this one looks like it came from the desk of the Director--who apparently prefers to use "-eisman" brand legal pads. It looks like that mug shot of Robyn was taken fairly soon after the final battle of "Hunter's Moon." And 3) Demona may finally get her first line in the comic canon here, but she's always obscured in shadow. Still, it just shows what a strong presence she holds via the impression she leaves.

Having such a short wait between issues #2 and #3 has kind of spoiled me, because now I don't want to wait for issue #4.

Greg responds...

Whiskey. Bourbon. Scotch. Vodka. (Those are little hotel bottles from the mini-bar.)

Response recorded on July 10, 2008