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dph writes...

My Review of Bad Guys Issue #3
I loved seeing the battle continue in the present and am looking forward to learning how we got to that point. Matrix attaching himself to Dingo is always interesting.

Then, we flash back to two weeks ago in Paris, where the team has been training for a month. Dingo's right, the team wasn't exactly slackers, but on the other hand, I have to wonder how much dependency Dingo had placed on Matrix in battle. I appreciate the use of the different font for Matrix's speech. It seems appropriate in its own way. It's interesting to see the depth of emotion in the memory of Hunter. Despite being black & white, I clearly see and feel the emotions in the expressions of the Canmore children following the defeat of their father. Seeing them head into the catacombs after Demona makes sense and I am looking forward to seeing how that confrontation ended. It's nice to see that Dingo has done his homework and learned that he's not the only one who has to be careful in New York, New York. The team landing on top of a hotel is again laying more pipework for how connected Hunter's boss really is. It's nice to see the briefing on Sevarius and confirmation on Sevarius's activities. I'm beginning to suspect that Hunter's boss is no ordinary person. All the info that Hunter has repeated from her boss leads me to the conclusion that the boss belongs to the one of the most exclusive groups on the entire planet. I confess that I never really thought Sevarius raising capital to achieve some end. It's nice to see what the team is doing on their time off. That Robyn Canmore could get inside a prison without anyone going after her says a lot about her boss. One would think all the staff around Jason would have committed to memory the face of his siblings for future purposes. I appreciate the humor in the names of the player in hockey game, even though only one name caught my eye right away. That both Jason and Robyn recognized Jon right away makes me wonder how Jon Canmore is going to stay out of jail. Robyn's confrontation with Jon was interesting and makes me wonder if she's ever going to report Jon Castaway's little secret to her boss. I'm a little surprised to see that Dingo and Matrix left early to go after Sevarius on their own. I wonder if Robyn Canmore will be able to see that what she encountered isn't a gargoyle but a mutate.

Greg responds...

Answers forthcoming in issue #4... more questions too.

Response recorded on July 11, 2008