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A friend of Greg Bishansky writes...

Hello, Greg! This certainly as been a while since I came by this forum and ask you a question. But I've certainly been following your recent work as of late, your time-travel episode of the Ben-10 series, and your current work on the latest Spider Man cartoon series; which I must commend you for. The plot twist regarding Harry Osborn being the Green Goblin was certainly a nice surprise to be sure. But would also like to say how sorry I am regarding the Gargoyles DVD series, I myself would have liked to see your series be completely transferred onto DVD at last...

Now onto my question, since you did work on the time-travel episode of Ben 10; I was wondering on its continuity. After watching the first 6 episodes of the Ben 10 Alien Force series, I noticed a change in Kevin Eleven's demeanor, and doesn't seem to hold that much of a grudge against Ben Tennyson. To which the case is different for your Ben 10 episode; is it because the episode wasn't meant to be taken into the official storyline, or is it a prelude of things to come? Well, I'm very curious to hear from you on this, I know you very busy in your work, and I can only wish you the best of luck in them, especially your work on Spiderman. Take Care!

P.S. - Here's hoping we get a Gargoyles Movie in the future! ^^


Greg responds...

I'm afraid I was just a freelancer on Ben Ten, so you'd have to ask the Ben Ten folk whether or not my episode is canon or not.

Response recorded on July 14, 2008