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Meg writes...

-First of all, I have to say, I think if one issue of the Bad Guys mini had to be drawn by a fill-in artist, this was the right issue for it. I really like Karine Charlebois' stuff, but her pencils tend to be more technically perfect and "cleaner" than Chris Jones', and I think his darker, grittier look suited this particular issue very well, especially in the crypt scenes.
-Man, Hunter has some serious gymnastics skills. She's got to be on par with some of the Bat family over in DC.
-I love how Yama speaks so formally. It suits his character very well, I think, lends him a certain appropriate dignity.
-Oh, Dingo. You so TOTALLY have the hots for Hunter already. Don't even try to deny it. ;) Matrix shows some serious respect for Hunter, too. I'm confused, though-I can't decide if Hunter just didn't show up to training that particular day or if she's been absent for the whole month. They make it SOUND like she's been absent the whole month, but if they're training as a team that makes no sense, and it begs the question of what SHE'S been up to....
-When you see how Charles Canmore died plus the Canmore children's encounter with Demona in the catacombs, you can suddenly understand much better their obsession with her.
-On that note, I find the dynamics of the Canmore siblings very interesting. After the second issue, I wondered to myself if it wasn't that Jason fancied himself the leader, Jon was perpetually caught up in his personal self-important angst, and Robyn was the one who ACTUALLY got stuff done. Robyn certainly seems to be the heart of the sibling team, both in the past and present. Interestingly, Jason makes it sound as though the siblings didn't always act as team, as though sometimes they went their separate ways and did their own thing. I wonder if that'll be explored in the future, and whether it ever caused tension within the siblings (knowing Jason and Jon, I'm sure it did). As far as the conversation with Jon goes, the lines about Canmore money intrigue me. I want to know where that money comes from, who controls it, and whether they have any other surviving family members.
Robyn is very different with Jason and Jon. With Jason, she's strong and silent and lets him talk out his frustrations, but with Jon, she's super talkative and confrontational. Speaks volumes about her relationships with both, but actually, I find the Jason and Robyn dynamic absolutely fascinating. Jon and Robyn are more eh, but Jason and Robyn seem so COMPLICATED. He's so angry, but not, as he's rehabbing, and she won't give him anything in a clear sign she doesn't totally TRUST him; they obviously don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things but they also obviously love each other, whereas Jason seems to care about Jon more because he HAS to. Robyn, on the other hand, clearly loves Jon a lot. And yet they are all in some ways emotionally detached from each other; I guess growing up emotionally damaged and knowing any one of you could die at any time does that to you.
-Love how Robyn is so nonchalant about blowing the police station up, even as we know she's thinking about it. Girl has some awesome self-control.
-I have some strong suspicions about who owns Bushido Concepts.
-Dingo is no lightweight, that's for sure.
-Jon is really, truly gone when Robyn shuts the door behind her. Forget Hunter's Moon III; Jon and Robyn are done and Jon has passed irrevocably the point of redemption right here when he brushes her off as inconsequential. Boy, do Jon and Demona deserve each other.
-Yama and Hunter make a great team. But I do wonder if Dingo and Matrix actually left early because they got bored, or if something more is afoot here....

BAD GUYS is definitely heating up, and I LOVED the backstory on the Canmore sibs, but I'm really ready to see the "main plot" develop, after three issues. Still, a really solid issue with tons of good nuggets of information. Can't wait for #4!

Greg responds...

Me neither. It's been done for some time, and I'm eager for all of you to see it.

Response recorded on July 15, 2008