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Vasy writes...

the guesing begins again sir greg...i call you sir, greg cause i almost called you griff...if you dont get the joke laugh now and figure it out later

1.Manhatten, USA
14.Paris, France
4.Ishimura, Japan
6.London, UK
7.New Olympus
8.Loch Ness, Scotland
10.Wyvern, Scotland
12.Crystal Cavern,Antarctica
13.New Camelot made by king arthur after he awoke from avalon

if i guessed manhattan 5 times would i get 5 points or just one...i am trying to figure out the way you scored others...and unless there is a mistake....i am just not getting it.....

sorry for the trouble...

Greg responds...

11 & 3/2. Didn't you just guess this exact same guess a few posts ago?

I can't answer your question the way you've phrased it.

But lets say one of the answers was Encino. In fact, let's say that there were two clans in Encino, but for one of them you'd need to be more specific in your answer. Like the Bank of America in Encino. If you listed Encino once, you'd get one point. IF you listed it twice (without mentioning the bank) you'd get one and a half points. One for the Encino clan and a half point for the bank clan. Does that help?

And I still don't get the Griff joke? I mean, I get that my name is aurally similar to Griff's but is that a joke?

Response recorded on August 23, 2000