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Litwolf writes...

This might be a silly question but I thought Id ask it anyway.

Given the amount of damage Wyvern Castle has taken since it was moved to Manhattan (the damage it took at the end of Awakening and in the fight in Enter MacBeth is what pops into my mind but there's been tons more), how much of the original structure do you think is left? Obviously, Xanatos cant keep taking the same old stone from Scotland that falls off the castle and put it back in place. He has to get new stone, right? Even if he made a mirror copy replica, its not the same stone that came from Wyvern Hill. So how much of the original castle is really left?

Just curious :P

Greg responds...

It could be stone quarried from the same site where the stones that originally were used to build the castle were quarried. And I'm not interested in percentages.

Response recorded on September 10, 2008