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dph writes...

Review of issue #8

Ok, I'm ignoring the story for right now.

196 gargoyles plus 25 eggs. No beasts. Since the clan's population is stablized that the indication that every female is only allowed to have 2 eggs, we know that those 25 eggs came from 2 generations: 50 female gargoyles. So that makes 100 gargoyles split between two generations.

I had heard about the Jeremiah account as an alternate story. Now we learn that Shari is not necessarily always telling the truth, but rather repeating stories. That's a good thing to establish right now so we won't be disappointed when Sharon says something which we later learn was totally false. I wasn't aware that both King Arthur and King Macbeth were crowned on the same day. That's incredibly simplistic of you, which is fitting of your pattern. Keeping things simple helps out a bunch. :-)

Nice to see King Arthur and Macbeth trading stories. Also, it's nice to see Nightstone venturing into a 'legitimate' business.

So, supposedly, Cu Culhullain split the Stone of Destiny in two. So assuming that was true, do both parts still 'talk'?

It's nice to see Griff taking Hudson and Lexington to the London Clan's home. Of course, I wonder if Hudson and Lex had to make a promise about not revealing that location to outsiders. Also, I'm wondering about Macbeth being allowed into the London clan's home. That's taking a lot for granted. Lex had a nice response to Griff's question about why the steel gargoyle and iron gargoyle look like Goliath, something we've taken for granted for a while.

Whoa. The Stone of Destiny is also connected to Carbonek. I like the idea that "All things are true, few things are accurate" and Macbeth's reaction to it. It's nice to learn about the size of a gargoyle clan that managed to survive on its own to modern times.

It's nice that Thailog treats his subordinates the same way that Xanatos did: He would fire them for losing on purpose.

Last, we get the expected return of Coldstone and Coldsteel. We still don't know exactly what Xanatos's motives are in this whole affair, but I'm looking forward to learning the truth in issue #9 as well as more backstory for the Stone of Destiny.

Greg responds...

Stay tuned for our next trade paperback.

Response recorded on September 10, 2008